About AFGE

AFGE is headquartered in Washington D.C. and divided into 12 geographical districts consisting of some 1,100 Locals.  Over one-half of AFGE's members are consolidated into agency-wide bargaining units.  Agencies with the highest concentration of union membership include the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, Social Security Administration, and the Department of Justice.

Member Benefits - From buying a first home to having access to free legal assistance, AFGE members receive Union Privilege benefits 24 hours a day through AFGE's state of the art, toll-free telephone benefits hotline.

Fighting Contracting Out - AFGE leads the battle against wasteful privatization on the Hill with a coordinated grass-roots campaign, defeating many pro-contractor bills before Congress.

Increased VA Funding - A larger VA budget appropriation was granted because of AFGE's unflagging efforts to protect our Nation's veterans and their caregivers.

Child Care - AFGE is breaking new ground in negotiating subsidized child care agreements with agencies such as GSA and OPM.

Federal Pay - Since pay is set in negotiations in Washington, AFGE got GS workers increases above inflation for three years in a row, and we are pushing so that Wage Grade and Title 38 employees get at least the GS increase, no matter what.  We believe the whole federal pay system needs an overhaul.

Hatch Act Reform - Federal workers were first able to participate in the 1996 Presidential election after AFGE's successful efforts to reform the Hatch Act, granting a real political voice for government employees.

Political Action - From effective grass-roots campaigns to its stance as a respected political opinion leader, AFGE is the political voice for government employees.

High Technology - AFGE is known as the federal union on the cutting edge, moving forward to best utilize the benefits that technology offers.

Public Opinion - During the government shutdown, AFGE was the union on the front lines and the front page.  The public message was placed by AFGE, the union-on-the-record.

Solidarity - In 1998, all AFGE Locals became affiliated with the AFL-CIO, furthering strengthening the American labor movement.