Performance Ratings

It's rating time again.  It is important that employees sign and date receipt of their performance appraisals, signing does not indicate agreement; It does however identify the start of your 10 workdays in which to grieve your appraisal.

When grieving your appraisal, please be prepared to demonstrate how you exceeded the element.  Bring with you documentation that may not have been considered in your rating that is applicable to the current rating period.

Please reference the MUMA, Article 35 - Performance Management Program.

In referencing the MUMA, Article 39 - Grievance Procedure, please keep in mind that it is DFAS's position that the grievance process begins with the Approving Official.   The employee should identify for the Approving Official that the meeting is the 1st Step of the Grievance process.  This will ensure that you stay within your timeframes as set forth in the MUMA.

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Read our Constitution and By-laws. See current MUMA.